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Man claims lawyer pulled gun on him

Posted at 12:15 AM, Oct 05, 2016

A valley man is asking for a protective order against a local attorney who he says pulled a gun on him during a deposition.

Mark Stuhmer says James Pengilley published false statements about him a back and forth dispute over the condo complex where Stuhmer lives.

At the end of September, Stuhmer and his lawyer Dale Hayes went to Pengilly's business for a deposition, which Stuhmer and his lawyer said in a court filing that Pengilly seemed aggressive.

Hayes says as this continued and got worse, he stopped the deposition. That is when documents say Stuhmer and Pengilly got in a shouting match that came to a head when Pengilly reportedly lifted his shirt to show a gun.

According to the filing, Pengilly shouted, "Are you ready for it?" and pulled out his gun.

Las Vegas police are investigating Pengilly for assault with a deadly weapon.

The hearing for Stuhmer's protective order against Pengilly is Oct. 11.