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Man who calls himself 'Jesus' causing problems in Vegas neighborhood

Posted at 6:24 PM, May 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-03 23:02:04-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Residents in an east Las Vegas neighborhood are blaming a couple of problem properties for attracting a few unwanted people to the area.

Homeowners are talking about a community near Desert Inn Road and Eastern Avenue.

Neighbors told 13 Action News they are concerned about piles of junk seen on two separate properties and worried about their safety and seeing suspicious people near their homes.

"He would just take rocks and throw them at cars driving by or says profanity to people walking by," resident Jenny Muller said.

She also told 13 Action News that people are squatting on an empty lot where all the commotion is taking place that backs up to her house.

"A man once jumped the wall and got into it with a neighbor. This man said he was Jesus and was going to make that lot into his Holy Land," Muller said.

Residents within the neighborhood said they have called the police many times, but after the arrest, they come back for their stuff."

And just two blocks down the street, neighbors have been complaining about another problem property with pictures showing trash piled up before the landlord cleaned it up.

That property's landlord, Wei Guo, said he had trouble with a tenant who kept breaking in even after he evicted that person.

However, neighbors claimed there were others who also lived on the property, but Guo said he did not know about that and has continued clean-up plans.

If you're dealing with this sort of problem within Clark County, there's an option to file a case with code enforcement.

Also, call the police for any suspicious people or if any trespassers are spotted.

Currently, the county has these properties under investigation.

"Even if we have to pay for it, have all this junk cleaned up. I mean have a company come by and at least clean up the mess - then 'Jesus' won't come back for it," Muller said.