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Man caught by video doorbell waving gun outside home in North Las Vegas

Posted at 6:21 PM, Nov 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-03 11:47:16-04

Shocking video catches a man waving a gun on the doorstep of a North Las Vegas home.

The homeowner, who did not want to go on camera, said the video was taken by a Ring Video Doorbell near Deer Springs Way and Aliante Parkway Tuesday night.

In the video, which only last about 20 seconds, the man is seen at the doorstep of the home speaking to someone on the phone while showing off the gun.

"If that happened to be I would definitely call the police," said neighbor xxxx.

Police we're called to the home, but we have blurred the man's face in the video because no crime was technically committed. Nevada is an open carry state.

Neighbor who live near the home are glad the woman is sharing the video to alert others.

"You want to always protect your family no matter what," said neighbor xxx

With more of these doorbell surveillance videos beginning to pop up, we wanted to know are they actually helping reduce crime?

"They help you solve crimes," said retired Las Vegas Police Sgt. Richard Strader. 

Strader said all surveillance video can help solve cases, but these doorbells are helping stop crimes in their tracks. Many of these video doorbells give owners the capability of talking to suspects, which have stopped several burglaries and thefts.

"Spook them away from whatever they're doing and you're solving the crime right in your neighborhood," Strader said.