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Man breaks into home dressed as security guard

Posted at 6:34 AM, May 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-11 13:01:41-04

One family says a man in uniform stole from them.

It happened over the weekend in a brand new neighborhood near North Fort Apache Road and West Lone Mountain Road. The security gate doesn't work yet and there are several construction sites.

When one family member went to walk the dogs, she thought nothing of waving to a security guard.

In the surveillance video taken at the family's home, a man dressed in a security guard's uniform went right up to the house and into the garage. He leaves and comes back minutes later with his head covered. The victims say he got into the cars and stole several things.

This happened in broad daylight. The family's grandparents were eating in the kitchen just feet away.

"I couldn't sleep the first few nights after this happened. I just kept dreaming he was outside of my door. Every time I heard a motorcycle outside I woke up immediately," said Manee Ziegler, one of the victims.

The family has filed a police report, but the suspect hasn't been caught.

The family believes the man was wearing an Allied Universal security jacket. A representative for that company told 13 Action News that they're looking into the theft.