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Man becomes own detective after car stolen

Posted at 12:11 AM, Feb 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-10 11:38:26-05
A valley man is taking matters into his own hands and becoming his own detective after his wallet and car were stolen while he was at the gym.
Albert Rodriguez has only been a member of Planet Fitness in Henderson for two weeks. He just finished his Saturday night workout and went back to the locker room to get his things. That's when he noticed the lock was missing off his locker.
"I was like, what the heck?" said Rodriguez.
Inside his locker, he found his jacket and his backpack. But his wallet and car keys were gone.
"Everything was gone so I was like crap. I ran outside real quick and my car was gone."
His 2014 metallic gray Chevy Equinox wasn't where he parked it. Rodriguez called Henderson police.

Not sure if this post will help, but my car was stolen last night. License plate 877 TSR. If you see this car please text me 7024916026

Posted by Albert Rodriguez on Sunday, February 7, 2016

When they got to Planet Fitness, the first thing officers asked was, "Did anything suspicious happen?"

This was a light bulb moment for Rodriguez. Surveillance video from Planet Fitness shows a man, not wearing gym clothes, waiting at the front door. once Rodriguez gets closer, they both walk in the door. The unidentified man appears to cut Rodriguez off as he goes to hand the front desk his gym membership card.
Then you see the two men walk into the locker room right behind each other. Time codes on the video show, after 15 minutes, the man who Rodriguez thinks took his stuff, walks out of the locker room and right out the front door, without ever working out.
"He doesn't work out, not in gym clothes, and doesn't have a bag," said Rodriguez.

Some slightly good news Officer Clark of the Henderson PD found my cards and Identification. He caught me right around...

Posted by Albert Rodriguez on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The story doesn't stop there. Rodriguez tried to cancel his 13 credit cards. Some of them already had purchases made on them, like the Home Depot card.

"I was looking and it was just funny because what they purchased was a knife, bolt cutters, a mini file set, a file, and a file handle. I was like wow, that's ironic, he just bought all kinds of stuff to steal something else!"
Henderson police called Rodriguez Tuesday to tell him they found his 13 stolen credit cards and ID. However, the car is still missing and the thief has not been caught.