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Man accused of killing teen speaks from jail

Posted at 6:03 PM, Apr 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-07 13:11:46-04
UPDATE: The man accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death before crashing his car into a 7-Eleven while bloody and naked spoke to 13 Action News from inside jail on Wednesday.
Every time we asked about something having to do with the crime, Fowler replied 'no comment'
The only thing Fowler wanted to talk about was hisnow murdered girlfriend Chelsey Lagle.
Court documents say Fowler called 911 after the incident, admitting to doing mushrooms and killing his girlfriend.
In the interview on Wednesday, he refused to talk about any of it. Instead, Fowler says he could never have seen something like this happening.
He called Chelsey his best friend.
He says he cannot apologize for the crime because that would mean he is admitting to it and he says he refuses to do that.
Fowler does say he wishes he had done some things differently. About a week ago, we spoke with Chelsey's family.
They told us they knew she was in an abusive relationship but couldn't have predicted this.
Skyler Fowler waived his initial court appearance on Friday and was appointed a public defender. 
Chelsey Lagle wasfound stabbed to death in the bathtubof her apartment near Spencer and Tropicana early Tuesday morning.
Police say Fowler then went on a wild joyride before crashing into the convenience store and being arrested.
He's due back in court April 29.