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Fundraiser to help restore iconic Hard Rock sign

Posted at 5:30 AM, Apr 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-10 16:50:53-04

There's a push to bring the iconic Hard Rock guitar sign back to light.

The Neon Museum is trying to raise $350,000 to refurbish the guitar. The museum is getting closer to its goal.

"I was born and raised here so seeing this go up as a kid it's huge to me to see it being restored and put to the neon museum," says Taylor Lamb, project director of YESCO.

Installed in the '90s, gracing the corner of Harmon and Paradise Road, the famous 86-foot-tall Hard Rock sign was taken down when the cafe closed in 2016.

Its makers, YESCO, donated the guitar to the Neon Museum.

"There's nothing really like this out there -- the size. The magnitude. The design elements that went into it," says Lamb.

The museum has raised $158,000 so far to help restore the hard rock sign, almost halfway through their goal.

Each day is a day closer to preserving a part of history.

Brendea Bogue, director of development for Neon Museum says, "Guitar signs are the symbol for the hard rock cafe franchise around the world. This particular one is important because it's the very first one in the world."

If you donate over $100, you can have your name on a plaque at the base of the sign or be invited to a light-up party. 

"It's going to glow in all its gorgeous glory with all the beautiful neon on it." You can donate here.