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Lyft brings fleet of self-driving BMWs to Las Vegas Strip

Posted at 10:39 AM, May 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-04 14:15:17-04

It may not be the flying cars from the Jetsons but Lyft has taken a step into the future by debuting a fleet of 30 self-driving BMW 5-series vehicles on the Las Vegas Strip.

The self-driving option is available in the Lyft app and in most ways it is just like their normal service. The main difference between the two is that it'll allow the skeptical to opt out of using the driverless vehicle and instead wait for a normal ride.

CNET.com saw a preview of the vehicles at CES 2018 and had this to say about the fleet of BMWs.

If the vehicles are largely unchanged from CES, expect a fleet of BMW 5 Series vehicles with bright orange wheels. Inside, the infotainment screen has been altered to show a bit of what the vehicle's sensors "see" on the road ahead. A tablet in the backseat allows riders to see how much of the route is left to travel. A safety driver will sit in the driver's seat in case human control is required.

The service began on May 3 and if the tests go well riders can except an even larger influx of these self-driving cars in the near future.