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LVMPD says calls reporting suspicious activity up 200-percent

Posted at 6:59 PM, Jul 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-15 21:59:36-04
With terror attacks occurring across the world, people are paying attention. 
Suspicious activity reports are up 200-percent in Vegas. 
The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says they're working overtime to make sure a tragedy like the one in Nice, France doesn't happen here. 
It was sheer horror as a truck plowed into dozens of people in France.
The city of Nice is the latest place to be targeted by terrorists, and now it's prompting police here at home to make changes. 
Sheriff Lombardo is asking the county to put up bollards at six different locations on the Las VVegas Strip.
It's a move that could have saved many back in December when Lakeisha Halloway plowed her car into dozens of people.
These are situations retired LVMPD Lieutenant and 13 Action News Crime and Safety Expert Randy Sutton says could be prevented, if people speak up. 
"Police can't do it by themselves. The FBI can't do it. The CIA can't do it. They really require information from the community", says Randy.
In light of recent events, LVMPD says more than ever people are reporting suspicious activity.
LVMPD is also working closely with casinos and adding extra patrols on the Strip to make sure our community isn't hit with tragedy.