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LVMPD has rules against engaging in dangerous pursuits

Posted at 11:55 PM, Oct 28, 2016

While a vast majority of motorcycle riders are responsible on the road, occasionally someone is willing to risk their life so they can post a video on social media.

One rider led police down Las Vegas Boulevard before getting away.

13 Action News Crime and Safety Expert Randy Sutton says the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department will only do so much before backing off.

"Because of his own ego, because he has to get himself on Facebook, he's endangering not only his own life, but he's endangering the lives of other people," said Sutton, a retired LVMPD lieutenant. "He's endangering the lives of the police officers who try to make a stop on him."

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Why did the rider get away then?

"Because of the rules that the police have now about not engaging in dangerous pursuits because of a traffic violation, an idiot like this understands that, knows that, so he's willing to flaunt the law for his own egocentric gratification," Sutton said.

The person Sutton is concerned with is the motorist who might end up in a crash.

He says this is the kind of thing that gives law-abiding motorcycle riders a bad reputation.