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LVMPD: At least 35 reports of 'creepy clowns' received

Posted at 4:03 PM, Oct 07, 2016
A recent series of calls regarding individuals dressed as clowns has local parents and students worried.
The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has also been receiving some of these calls.
Since the beginning of September, LVMPD officers have responded to approximately 35 calls that involve reports of someone dressed in clown attire.
These calls continue to be assessed as they are received and officers dispatched accordingly.
Most of the calls received have been suspicious person/vehicle or disturbance type events.
In the majority of these events, the suspicious person/vehicle has been gone on arrival, unable to be located, or the call has been unfounded.
As of this time, no calls have been associated with any injuries to citizens.
It is common for the LVMPD to see an increase in calls regarding people dressed in costumes in the weeks leading up to Halloween.
Parents should engage in conversation with their children about situational awareness at this time of the year.
With the current concerns about calls at Las Vegas area schools, parents should also advise children of the dangers of hoax calls.