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Low-income apartments in area known as Naked City get much-needed renovation

Posted at 10:21 AM, Mar 27, 2018

A neighborhood with a bad rap gets a facelift and people are now feeling safer in their homes.

New hardwood floors, refrigerators, ovens, lights, and cameras were installed in all 21 buildings of the Baltimore and Cleveland Garden apartments.

"Oh, it felt like a brand new home basically," said Kahalena Jackson, a resident.

The apartments near West Sahara Avenue and South Las Vegas Boulevard started renovations last March. All 201 units get Section 8 rental assistance. The residents are finally getting settled.

"It's like a new home," said Severino Lumague, a resident.

Both complexes were renovated and part of that was replacing the metal security doors outside. People who live here say it feels safer more secure now.

"It helps. It helped a lot. It changed a whole lot. It's less crime around here too," said Jackson.

Even from the outside, the fresh paint lets you know these apartments have gotten some major work.

"We've been here for 20 years so now it's peaceful," said Lumague.

Eric Paine, the CEO of Community Development Partners, the project’s developer, said they want to create "a healthy and engaged neighborhood" in an area that's no stranger to crime.

The hope is that these renovations will help get rid of the blips on the crime radar.