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Love after loss: Local widowed couple finds love again

Posted at 6:06 PM, Dec 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-08 07:46:36-05

Love is in the air for one valley couple.

They met each other in the unlikeliest of places. They were not looking to date or even fall in love. But they found each other.

Frank 'cooks' breakfast for his wife Evelyn Austin.

Frank Leal: I cooked your breakfast for you!
Evelyn Austin: Oh boy!

But 'cooking' for Frank really means he's just making coffee for his wife.

Evelyn Austin: He comes out pushes the button. And he announces he's cooked!

Evelyn teases him a lot about his 'cooking' skills.

Evelyn Austin: Any idiot can do that.
Frank leal: I know, but I'm your idiot. 
Evelyn Leal: Yes you are. 

But this sweet couple went through a lot before they found each other.

Frank Leal: I lost Nancy on august 29th, of 15 I think it was.

Evelyn Austin: My Don died February 9th. It'll be two years coming up in 2018.

They both lost their spouses.

Frank Leal: Why me? How come this is happening to me?

Evelyn Austin: I knew right away I needed help.

They got help through grief counseling. They met each other during one of the sessions at Nathan Adelson Hospice.

Evelyn Austin: We sat across from each other. And then the next week we went on a Monday and we sat exactly across from each other for the second time. 

After months of knowing each other, Frank asked Evelyn out on a date.

Evelyn austin: I gave him what I thought were 5 very good reasons why it was not gonna work.

At first, Evelyn said no.

Frank Leal: she didn't sound like she really meant it.
Evenlyn Austin: oh boy!

The rest is history.

Now, Evelyn has to put up with Frank's cooking skills.

Frank Leal: I cooked your breakfast.
Evelyn Austin: Really you think that's cooking?

Two people who found love after loss.

Frank Leal: This is a special person. I don't know how I got this lucky. 
Evelyn Austin: I'm not going anywhere. You're not going to do me in are you?
Frank Leal: No!