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Locals worried about loved ones after Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupts

Posted at 7:19 PM, May 04, 2018

A strong earthquake rocked Hawaii. This after thousands of Hawaiians are forced from their homes Friday after the Kilauea Volcano erupted overnight.

It's a hard day in Las Vegas too. Many people have moved here from Hawaii. Las Vegas is often referred to as the Ninth Island.

13 Action News spoke with worried locals and a woman caught in the middle of the disaster in Hawaii.

Pamela Ah-Nee described how the nightmare unfolded.

"Rocks were going up in the air. These are hot rocks. And of course, at that point, the fear is where are they gonna land?" Pamela recalled.

Pamela ah-nee says the volcano was shooting out lava, smoke, and rocks. It was also spewing high levels of dangerous gas.

"You could feel it in the air and as you can tell,  I'm very much still congested."

For days, locals with loved ones in Hawaii have been closely monitoring the situation. The eruption came after weeks of warnings. 

Zachary Delbex has family on the big island. "There has just been numerous earthquakes. They put the number in the hundreds, pretty much nonstop."

Many fear this natural disaster is far from over. 

Anthony Isabel also has family in the affected area. 

"I try not to think about the what-ifs. If this is gonna happen, if that is gonna happen," says Anthony. "The worst possible scenarios you try to think more positive."

This afternoon, Pamela tried to go back to check on their homes to asses damage but couldn't go through.

At the end of the day, she's still thankful.

"We have each other. We have our lives. It is so true when you're caught in a  moment like that, what is most important? And if the house goes, we've got our safety. We've got ourselves and each other," says Ah-Nee.