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Locals support Small Business Saturday in Downtown Las Vegas

Posted at 6:22 PM, Nov 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-24 21:32:22-05

As the holiday shopping continues; Black Friday ends and Small Business Saturday begins. The new tradition is about shopping, eating and fueling local business.

Shoppers spent the weekend at Container Park near Downtown Las Vegas to make an impact on their community by shopping and eating locally.

Downtown Terrace chef Araceli Perez says her passion for cooking started at home.

"Since I was little my mom taught us how to cook. She always told us 'come here and help us,’" Perez said.

She is hands-on, cooking everything on the menu as she enjoys it every day.

"I feel great because a lot of our costumers leave here wanting to come back,” Perez said. 

She also believes that patronizing local restaurants help keep the revenue going while making customers feel at home.

"Local is more homemade. We have quality food. We love cooking and my cooks love cooking. We do it with passion,” Perez said.

The Blare family was enjoying brunch at Downtown Terrace on Saturday and this was their last stop for food before they headed back to Utah.

"We want to eat something that you can only get in Las Vegas," Lisa Blare said.

Customer Dene Atcheson was also enjoying mimosas with a group of friends while supporting Small Business Saturday.

"It creates an emphasis on supporting those people who that have put their entire life savings into giving us a really cool place to shop or eat," Atcheson said.