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Locals angry about unfinished road

Posted at 6:01 PM, Jan 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-07 21:08:52-05
As the economy turns around, we are seeing construction picking back up here in the valley.
One man says he's at a dead end with roads near his home.
Francis Rost lives in the southwest and says the quickest route to get where he needs to be would be to go from Cactus to Rainbow and head North.
"Except for Rainbow has about two to three blocks there where it's inaccessible," said Rost. "They've got it shut down."
We went to check it out ourselves, and the road just ends. It has a road closed sign and behind the sign it's just dirt instead of pavement.
"It looks like it's graded, it looks like it's been surveyed, but they just haven't thrown in the curbs of paved it or whatever's required, and so I was hoping to try and find out what the hold up was," Rost said.
He turned to Action News and we got answers. It turns out, that section of Rainbow between Cactus and Mountain's Edge Parkway has always been unpaved.
It has not really been an issue until NDOT opened the Cactus interchange, creating an exit off I-15 onto Cactus, and bringing more traffic to that area.
"I found it odd that with Mountains Edge as well as Southern Highlands, not having any access to that main road because of a two or three block area," said Rost. "I was just curious why that was, whether it was a budget issue or a scheduling issue."
Dan Kulin with Clark County said the project is in fact on their schedule. They will start the four-month paving project in May.
He says this issue could be a sign of growth in the valley. Lennar, one of the biggest home builders in Vegas, shared some numbers with us.
In 2011, 1,229 homes were sold in Southwest Las Vegas. That number more than doubled.
In 2015, 2,589 homes in the southwest were sold.