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Las Vegas woman claims dog was stolen from her backyard, unable to file police report

The documents you need to secure if you have pets
Posted at 5:15 PM, Feb 11, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — It's something no pet owner wants to deal with -- having their pet stolen. But that's what happened to one Las Vegas woman.

Cassie McKimmie says someone snatched her pooch from her backyard near Charleston Boulevard and Antelope Way. She's now dealing with a paperwork dilemma trying to get her dog back.

McKimmie named her family's 10-week-old puppy "Fatman." They only had him for less than a month before he was stolen.

"We miss him a lot. My kids are bugging me every day. Mommy, are you finding him? So it kills me more and more every day that you know I haven't gotten him home yet."

She's been looking for him for almost a week with no luck.

"He's out there and we don't know who has him. We don't know if he's eating right."

Cassie contacted a puppy seller online, they exchanged a few texts, and the seller dropped Fatman off right at her doorstep.

Fatman already had his first round of shots.

"As far as getting him chipped and everything, he was so young and we were going to get it done when we took him in for a second round of shots."

That's why the family is unable to file a police report to claim their puppy's been stolen.

When they called police, she says they were told they have no proof of ownership and have no case.

Las Vegas police told 13 Action News pets are considered property.

In case your pets go missing or gets stolen, proper documentation is important so you have a legal recourse. Text messages alone aren't enough.

So for every pet owner out there, it is important to have proof of ownership, which can be a bill of sale, bills and records from a veterinarian, or microchip.

Microchips can keep track of missing animals by scanning the chip, which reveals the owner's name.

"If I ever get him back... He's getting chipped. That's top priority. And documentation from a vet stating that he is definitely ours."