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Local Syrian community reacts to missile strikes

Posted at 11:33 PM, Apr 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-07 03:07:03-04

The announcement by President Trump that the U.S. launched missile strikes in Syria in response to chemical attacks by the Assad regime is sparking reaction from the valley's Syrian community.

Deyaa Dabbagh, a medical student in Henderson, came to the U.S. after his father came from Syria seeking asylum.

"He knew he could raise us better here," Dabbagh says.

He says the political situation in Syria has been unstable for decades. He says things recently became more problematic under Bashar Al Assad.

Dabbagh says he believes the U.S. did the right thing, especially considering the atrocities committed in Syria. 

"It's a step forward," Dabbagh says, "because [Assad] is a tyrant."

But, Dabbagh says he's also expressing some caution about the move. He's worried too much aggression could create turmoil similar to the Arab Spring, which caused ISIS to move in.

"It does make me reserved about any action that's taken," he says. "Destruction can be created by a child, but only an intelligent strategic person can actually build a country back up and give power back to the Syrian citizens."

Dabbagh hopes a combination of U.S. support along with Syria's neighboring countries will help the Syrian people remove Assad from power and fight ISIS, so peace can come to Syria.