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Las Vegas student collects pajamas for kids in hospital

Posted at 6:14 PM, Dec 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-07 10:23:31-05

A local high school student is on a mission to give back to a Las Vegas children’s hospital who saved her sister’s life. 

At just two years old, Dakota Stinnett has undergone four brain surgeries, after being diagnosed with hydrocephalus early this year.

"You would look at her and never realize that she had anything," says Jordan Stinnett, sister. "It was really hard learning that she had the disease."

Staying by Dakota’s side at Sunrise Children’s Hospital over and over again, Jordan wanted to find a way to help other kids in the hospital.

"I thought a cool thing to do would be to raise pajamas for the hospital,” says Jordan. “We had to bring our own to the hospital and some other kids couldn't go get them.”

With from her teachers at Basic High School in Henderson, Jordan organized a school dance, with the price of admission as a pair of pajamas.  

"I wasn't really sure what to expect on how many kids were coming, I just hoped that as many came as possible"

Over 100 students and faculty attended after hearing about Jordan’s sister. 

"The fact that my sisters okay doesn't mean that all the other kids in the hospital are not, so I want to help them"

So far Jordan has collected 250 pairs and has even received monetary donations from the dance to buy more.

"I was really surprised that the community came together to help me so much in the way that it did," says Jordan. 

Jordan is hoping these pajamas will be a small reminder to other kids recovering, just like her little sister Dakota, that they are not alone. 

"Some kids don't even make it out of the hospital, so now when they're staying there, they're comfortable and they're at least a little happy"