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Sales up 300 percent around Las Vegas for clown costumes just before Halloween

Posted at 7:10 PM, Oct 27, 2016
Halloween weekend has just about arrived and one of the most popular costumes this year is the clown. 13 Action News learned local clown costume sales are up 300 percent from years past.
"It has been a substantial upswing in that area," said Star Costume owner Marc Salls.
Star Costume on Valley View Boulevard and Desert Inn Road was selling out so early in the season that they had to order a lot more.
"We went back and did an extensive order that was 200 percent of what we previously bought," said Salls.
Salls is making sure everyone is responsible and not purchasing the masks for the wrong reasons because he doesn't want to be responsible for mischief and terror on Halloween night.
"It takes an effort," said Salls. "We have an employee get it down and take it and usually we carry it to the front."
Not only that, but they moved all the masks to the highest section on the mask wall.
Salls told 13 Action News they've been in touch with police daily about the influx in sales.
We asked Las Vegas police if they were doing anything differently because of all the clowns that will be out and about. They told us no.