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Local pizza shop helps out Miami HS football team stuck in Las Vegas

Posted at 11:30 PM, Sep 10, 2017

A local pizza shop displayed an act of kindness Sunday night to help out a group of people stranded in Las Vegas due to Hurricane Irma.

Evel Pie in downtown Las Vegas found out Miami Central Senior High School's football team couldn't get back to Miami due to the storm and wanted to provide dinner for them.

The team flew into town to play against Bishop Gorman Friday night. Miami Central won the game making them undefeated for the season so far.

The players, coaches, and some parents could not fly back home due to the hurricane.

Senior Linebacker Kristallion Valentin tells 13 Action News his family decided to hunker down in Miami through the storm.

"I give them a call or text and talk to them as much as I can," said Valentin. "And when they can, when the service is working, they give me a call."

Narrio Walks says he wishes he could have been home to help his family prepare for the storm and put up hurricane shutters.

"Our family is always on our mind and it just made us play harder to come up with this win," said Walks.

Valerie Brown is a parent and was able to come on the trip with her son but she knows how difficult this is for everyone.

"We don't know when we are going home, we're pretty much stuck but never the less, everybody here in Las Vegas is showing us love and we thank God for it," she said.

Evel Pizza knew they had to do something when they learned about what the team was going through.

Pizza shop worker Chelsea Lavone made it happen with some help.

"I have a lot of friends there (in Florida) so I wanted to really get involved in this whole thing and it kind of just presented itself to me."

Lavone wants to help relieve some of the stress for the team.

"Pizza is one of the most iconic comfort foods in the world so why not extend the comfot," she said. "It's just a good way to get their mind off things happening at home."

The team will likely fly home Tuesday to Miami if all goes according to plan.

Bishop Gorman has helped cover expenses for Miami Central as well.