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Ted Cruz rallies in Las Vegas

Posted at 7:07 PM, Feb 22, 2016

Ted Cruz pulled out all the stops to rally support ahead of Tuesday's Republican Caucus. 

Cruz, who held a rally at the Durango Hills YMCA, began the rally with musical acts.

Shortly after, controversial Talk Show Host, Glenn Beck made a speech talking stabs at Hillary Clinton. 

"That's why Hillary Clinton should be running for the president of cell block 6," Beck said. 

Cruz hammered home the message he's been known for all along; creating constitutional laws, keeping the Supreme Court conservative and guiding with religious principals. 


"Committed to the constitution and are willing to be the truth no matter what no matter what the price," Cruz stated. 

Cruz was met with some protestors when he talked about public land rights. 

The protestors, which were quickly escorted out; said Cruz supporter had "choice words for them". 

Cruz will spend the night in Reno garnering more support ahead of tomorrow's Caucus.