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Family needs help after dog saves life

Posted at 9:16 AM, Oct 02, 2015

It's been nearly eight months since a North Las Vegas woman says her dog saved her life during a violent home invasion.  Now, that family is asking for the public's help to save the life of that dog.

Patricia Picano says back in February, she heard a noise coming from the back of her home.  

"I was never so terrified in my life," says Picano.  

Her dog, Mya, ran towards the noise, but Picano says she heard three gun shots, and then saw Mya bleeding.  

"The detectives say she saved my life," says Picano. 

After Mya was shot, she was immediately taken into surgery.  Now nearly eight months later, Mya is still suffering from that night.  "Now her legs are affected by the whole incident," says Picano.  

The family has started a crowd funding account to try to get Mya the help they say she deserves.  "I'd do anything for her, she saved my life," says Picano.  

Mya needs another surgery that will cost nearly $6,000, and the family is taking donations on their Go Fund Me account.