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Local man battling Lyme Disease searches for relief

Posted at 11:16 PM, Feb 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-06 02:16:00-05

A local man battling a rare disease is going to desperate measures to find relief. 

For years, Timothy Bolton's been taking different medications and trying different natural remedies to help rid himself of pain. 

"This disease is horrible. It takes your family. It takes your friends. It takes your life as you know it," Bolton said. 

Bolton said it took nearly three years and visits to 30 different doctors before he finally found out what was causing it.

"It does so many different things and that's why it's so hard to diagnose because it mimics so many different things," Bolton said. 

He's talking about Lyme Disease, an illness spread through tick bites. It's relatively rare in Nevada. The Southern Nevada Health District said there were only 10 new diagnoses in 2017. 

However, once infected, the symptoms can progress rapidly. 

Bolton has been raising money through a Go Fund Me in order to afford a new kind of treatment. 

"I need my mind and I need my body back," he said. 

Bolton hopes his story will raise awareness of the disease and encourage anyone who suspects they're infected to see a doctor. 

Information about the signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease can be found here.