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Local library hosts Family Pride Day amid some outside opposition

Family pride day clip
Posted at 9:43 PM, Sep 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-30 13:01:56-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A local library hosted its second annual family pride day Saturday as part of its outreach to the LGBTQ community with drag queen story time and shows, but some think it shouldn’t happen.

“We have a place where they feel welcome and that’s our goal with the library district, Anna Allred, scheduling specialist for the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District, said.

That’s what library district wants to provide for the LGBTQ community, by hosting Family Pride Day.

“It’s been better and better every year, so we had even more people this year than we did last year which was wonderful,” Allred said.

This included drag queen story time and arts and crafts. While the events were enjoyed by many who showed up, others outside voiced their opposition.

“Our community, 12 of us got together last night and made signs and strategized and placed and printed up all the information give and made ourselves available,” Jason Frank, a local resident who opposed Family Pride Day, said.

He feels parents like himself should have a say what kids are exposed to and says what the library is offering is inappropriate, especially for his own child.

“I have a responsibility to him and not for him. My job is to protect him and give him a loving safe space until he’s old enough and responsible enough to make his own decision,” Frank said.

Those who did attend in large part supported the library’s efforts with the event, but a few respected Frank’s freedom of speech.
“Well our Constitution, allows them maybe because they are expressing their opinion or their way of thinking, so we are not in a position to say someone is right or wrong,” Mike Miran of Las Vegas, said.

Others were more critical.

“It’s close-minded. It’s the wrong side of history, and I think it’s going to reflect poorly on people who maintain these views,” Vincent Stepan of Las Vegas, said.

The library district says its goal is serve the entire community, and wanted to extend on olive branch to anyone with opposing views to the event.

“I would say honestly a lot of them are just kind of confused. They don’t know much about the LGBTQ plus community and I think if they did decide and just join us and see what it’s all about they can see that they’re just regular people just like you and me,” Allred said.

The library district says the protest that happened remained peaceful, and no issues occurred throughout the day.