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Las Vegas football fans watch NFL playoffs with Iran tensions on their minds

'You want everyone to come home safe'
Posted at 5:03 PM, Jan 04, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — People flocked to Las Vegas bars this weekend to watch some playoff football, but events in the Middle East were on the minds of many as they watched the games.

Some fans say they're using playoff football as a way to block out concerns after reports that the United States killed an Iranian general in an airstrike overseas.

"We can't live all of our lives in fear," said Las Vegas resident Shelly Piwowar, who was watching the Buffalo Bills playoff game against the Houston Texans at Moon Doggies on Saturday.


"And we can't live our lives just going through wondering if something bad is going to happen,” she added.

Some football fans are fine with news of the airstrike.

"I can understand all of the positive thoughts with the regard to the success of the airstrike,” said army veteran Al Foote, but he also says that the troops deployed in the Middle East are on his mind -- especially with a possible conflict looming.

"You want everyone to come home safe, return to their families and live a long healthy life,” Foote said.

Others say they are concerned about the future and what Iran might do in retaliation.

"I worry that in this particular time in our history that people are not paying attention to outcome over intent,” said Las Vegas visitor Joy Tenebra.

"I just don't like what's going on," said Gary Tenebra, also visiting the valley. "I think there's a peaceful solution to everything. I'm just totally against what's happening,”