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Local fans cheer on Kobe Bryant in final game

Posted at 11:53 PM, Apr 13, 2016
As he has done so many times, Kobe Bryant hit the game winner in the final game of what will likely be a Hall of Fame career that had local fans cheering in sports bars throughout the valley.
Bryant was pulled from the Los Angeles Lakers-Utah Jazz game with just four seconds left, ending his 20-year career. The Lakers won 101-96.
His 60 points was more than double the record for a Hall of Fame player in their final game.
His performance had some local fans glued to the Lakers game even though the Golden State Warriors were setting a record of their own.
"Somebody gives you five championship rings for the city you grew up in the rest doesn't matter. To me he is the greatest Laker ever," Tony Torres said.
"I think the game winner for sure, I mean that's what he is known for, his very clutch and he did it again it shows you how great of a player he was," Will Hall said.

Local sports books had a prop going for how many points Bryant would score in his final game. 
His 60 was more than double the 25 point over-under at the Westgate hotel-casino.