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Local family says spending day with son is Christmas miracle

Posted at 11:16 PM, Dec 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-26 02:16:57-05
A local family is calling it a Christmas miracle. The Shannon family got to spend the holiday together after their teenage son had a near-death experience.
13-year-old Christopher Shannon technically died twice back in March after he collided with a car while on his bike. 
The teen was on his way to Faiss Middle School on March 9th when he collided with a vehicle.
He suffered major brain damage and ended up undergoing nine brain surgeries.
Today, he is recovering at home.
"He has been such a warrior," said his mom Alicia Shannon.
Christopher has been working with a speech therapist to be able to communicate with blinking.
One blink means yes. Two blinks means no. His family says his improvements each day are tiny but measurable.
"We went from thinking about, can we make it through the next couple minutes?" said father Greg Shannon. "Just the next hour, then let's see what overnight brings. Then it was let's see what the next days are going to bring. And now here we are, going what's next year going to bring for us?"
Christopher's parents admit it hasn't been easy. Plus, they usually spend Christmas with a bunch of family in southern California. They couldn't do that this year because of Christopher. But they are so grateful to have Christopher here and alive to even be a part of their Christmas celebration.
"I have to sit back and go we're here, he's here with us," said his mother. "And he's healing and he's growing and we have the opportunity to celebrate more Christmases."