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3 teens arrested in Boys & Girls Club vandalism

Posted at 11:57 PM, Apr 11, 2016
UPDATE: Henderson police reported on Tuesday that three teens were arrested in connection to Sunday's vandalism.
A 13-year-old boy, 14-year-old girl and 15-year-old girl were arrested on Sunday for the destruction or damage of property. Since the damage was more than $5,000, all three teens have been charged with a felony.
All three have been booked into Clark County Juvenile Hall.
A Boys & Girls Club clubhouse in Henderson was vandalized late Sunday night and the damage is in the thousands.
Eighth grader Jasmine Guerrero got her first look at the vandalized Boys & Girls Club clubhouse in Henderson as our cameras were rolling.
She was in disbelief, staring at the building she's been coming to for more than six years.
"You'd never really think that someone could do it to a place like this," said Guerrero. "It's not really a first thought when you see a Boys & Girls Club."
The vandals smashed 22 windows with rocks. The damage totals more than $20,000. Now, 60 kids have to find another place to go after school for at least a week.
"It's disappointing because I know what it means for us and I'm sure it's the same situation for a lot of other families, whether they work, or one parent, or whatever the case is," said mother Lisa Wong-Guerrero. "It's a good place for them to go."
This is the third time the vandals targeted the Boyd Clubhouse. The Boys & Girls Club CEO and President Andy Bischel says this time though was by far the worst.
"I could get angry but that's not going to solve anything," he said. "It's a sadness that the kids don't have a place to go today."
The organization is working on finding alternative places for the kids to go. They are also trying to make sure this never happens again.
"I'd like to think that this is going to go away, but I don't know that it is," he said.
The Boys & Girls Club leaders are going to meet with Henderson Police and city officials Tuesday afternoon to figure out how to prevent this. They plan on talking security such as alarms and cameras. They are not sure how they will pay for it.