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Local boy leaves Safekey to make Taco Bell run

Posted at 7:24 PM, Mar 18, 2016
A valley 9-year-old left an after school program to go get fast food after the staff gave him permission.
Landyn Cagle is a fourth grader at Hal Smith Elementary and because both of his parents work, he stays after at school at the Safekey program.
"Landyn had went to Safekey, asked the Safekey staff if he could go to Taco Bell," said Landyn's mom Tina. "They gave him their order that he used his own money for to buy them food. So he used his money to buy the staff food and leave from campus to go to Taco Bell from Safekey."
Cagle said two staff members gave him permission to leave school grounds and get food. It was a teacher at the school, not a Safekey staff member, who told Tina this happened, after the teacher saw him jumping back over a wall with the food.
"I was furious that we paid and that we left him in the care of somebody that just allowed him to leave and go wander the streets of Las Vegas," Cagle said.
Landyn is no longer in the Safekey program, but the two employees who let him go to Taco Bell still are.
Cagle was told they were suspended for three weeks, and then moved to another location.
"Somebody else's kid is going to have the same thing happen, and it might not be as nice as it was with my son," Cagle said. "I mean they might be getting a phone call that their child is not coming home. I mean it could be a lot worse than what it actually was."
Teachers drop their students off at Safekey after school, and then the kids are the program's responsibility.
At Hal Smith Elementary, Safekey is run by Clark County. They did not have time to find someone to do an interview with us, despite being asked early in the day.
They sent us the following statement:
"The health and safety of the youth in our programs is our top priority. Our staff members receive thorough training, and any issues that arise are promptly addressed with our staff members and the parents or guardians of our program participants.
We are always looking for ways to improve our programs, and strongly encourage the families we serve to contact us with any questions or concerns they may have."