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Body cam footage of LVMPD shooting released

Posted at 12:51 PM, Mar 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-05 18:36:42-05
New body cam footage was released on Thursday from Monday's officer-involved shooting near Las Vegas Boulevard and St. Rose Parkway.
Police revealed the footage at a press briefing where they announced the suspect's identity as 42-year-old Juan Carlos Lopez-Aguilar.
The video shows an officer pleading with the suspect in Spanish, begging him to drop his handgun.
He and his partner both have their guns drawn. The light from their squad car is so bright you can't really see the suspect.
One of the officers ends up shooting him, but we don't see the shot fired because it happens after the officer wearing the camera is instructed to go and assist with blocking off the scene.
However, you can hear it loud and clear in a video taken by a neighbor.
Police say it all started when they received 911 calls from neighbors about a man with a gun.
"He was observed by these residents striking himself in the forehead with the firearm," said Undersheriff Kevin MacMahill.
The officer who shot the suspect wanted the public to know this.
“He wanted me to convey that there were a number of times that he had an opportunity that he could've used deadly force and he was trying to do literally everything that he could to not have to pull the trigger that day," said MacMahill.
Police say the suspect pulled out a bullet and proceeded to load it into his gun, forcing them to open fire. They later discovered the gun was fake, a plastic replica.
"Certainly, it appears to be a situation of suicide by cop, and that certainly would fall within our crisis intervention mental health processes," said MacMahill.
The suspect is still undergoing mental evaluation so the District Attorney hasn't decided if his charges should be amended.
As it stands, he's charged with 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon and 1 count of resisting arrest with a deadly weapon.