Little boy making a difference for domestic violence victims

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - A Las Vegas boy is making a difference for domestic violence by donating proceeds from his lemonade stand, and this year the money is extra important. 

Every year, 8-year-old Christopher Rodgers braces the triple-digit Las Vegas temperatures to help his neighbors cool off. 

"I'm having a lemonade stand," Rodgers said. 

When Christopher was only 4, his dad asked him to choose a charity to receive part of his lemonade proceeds. Christopher chose Safe Nest. 

"It helps women and children who don't have a place to go," Christopher said. 

Safe Nest provides shelter and other resources for victims of domestic violence.

This year, the non-profit learned it would be receiving a $50,000 cut from the state attorney general's office, according to Safe Nest CEO Liz Ortenburger. 

"That's very disappointing to us because it means we have to limit some of the work that we can do unless we can fill it in with private donations," Ortenburger said. 

Christopher is hoping to raise even more money this year after a family member offered to match the total proceeds collected at the lemonade stand. 

"When a little boy like Christopher chooses us, it's heartwarming," Ortenburger said. 

More information about donating to Safe Nest can be found here. 

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