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Statues delivered to new Veterans Memorial

Posted at 5:07 PM, Apr 13, 2016

Life-size statues made their way down Las Vegas Boulevard Wednesday, to their new home at the Las Vegas Veterans Memorial.  

Vietnam veteran, Mark Curley, watched on, saying a veterans memorial in Las Vegas is long overdue.  

"Watching that puts tears in your eyes," says Curley.  

The new memorial is just outside of the Grant Sawyer building in downtown.  It will feature 18 statues that each represent an American war or conflict, including the Revolutionary War, and today's Global War on terror.

The central statue shows a soldier carrying a wounded comrade off the battle while a male and female GI watch his six. Another group of statues shows a family, honoring those who stay behind at home.  

The project is privately funded. The Las Vegas Veterans Memorial Foundation partnered with the state of Nevada in finding a location and the support.  

"It's a great tribute to the veterans, those who are in the service now, those who are getting out of the service, and the ones who have fallen to protect you and I," says project manager, Gary Lulis, with XL Steel.  "It's something we forget about on a day to day basis." 

The memorial is set to be open by Memorial Day.