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Life is Beautiful cleanup underway

Posted at 6:40 PM, Sep 28, 2015
Clean up is in full force now after the Life is Beautiful weekend.
Tents and stages need to be broken down, and trash left behind by thousands of people needs to be picked up.
Some people who live downtown are hoping the process moves quickly.
"It was really kind of a pain in the butt because I could not do the normal stuff I do just about every day," said John Hoffstedt, who lives on 13th Street.
Melissa Carroll, a resident of City Center Apartments, said she was stopped every time she pulled into her parking garage this weekend.
Some other everyday tasks for downtown residents were disrupted too.
"For our tenants, they can't get to the store, they can't get to the post office, they can't get to their bus stop so it's a little inconvenient for them," said Monica Wahl, City Center's community manager.
Trash pickup at City Center has been canceled since last Wednesday because of the festival. It's set to resume this Wednesday.
The building brought in an extra dumpster for tenants.
"Now they have to take it all the way downstairs, go on the side of the building and hoist it," Carroll said.
Life is Beautiful organizers didn't immediately respond to questions about how long it would take for cleanup crews to completely clear out.
Some barricades are still up but most roads have reopened.