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Clark County appoints legislators ahead of stadium vote

Posted at 11:33 AM, Sep 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-30 21:07:29-04

Las Vegas is one step closer to an NFL team.  Friday, Clark County commissioners appointed two people to fill legislative vacancies, and now, they'll help decide whether or not the city will build the football stadium. 

Clark County commissioners appointed two people to temporarily fill vacancies in the Nevada legislature, right before the likely special session in October. In that special session, legislators will consider financing for the nearly $2 billion football stadium. 

Stephanie Smith will now represent District 1. 

Kyle Stephens will now represent District 5. 

The vacancies were because one legislator moved out of his district, and the other was appointed by the governor to the Clark County Commission.

Commissioners said it was difficult to find people to fill in because their position is only temporary, but they'll have such a huge impact on the county's future.  

"What is their accountability to the public?" said commissioner Susan Brager. "We had to make sure to ask the right questions, and we're hoping we put the right person in that seat to make decisions that would really come back to the county." 

Gov. Brian Sandoval has said he plans to call that special session sometime in October. That tax increase necessary to build the stadium would need a two-thirds vote.  

In a statement, Kyle Stephens told 13 Action News, it's "too early to give a commitment to any one decision" in regards to the stadium vote, but he says it's an honor, and his vote will take a lot of research.

Washoe County also made 3 appointments ahead of the special session.