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Left in the dark: Elderly neighbors turn to 13 Action News to fix street lights

15 new solar powered lights installed
Posted at 11:06 PM, Mar 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-23 12:16:37-04

A community of elderly people turns to 13 Action News after they say their street lights have been out for months.

"We've talked to the manager, talked to regional manager," said Harry Robinson, "... and they keep saying it's in the works."

Robinson has lived in the mobile home park community near Charleston Boulevard and Mojave for about 25 years.

More than a week ago, the 80-year-old showed 13 Action News how all the poles had no lights on top.

"We need lights because most of us are seniors," he said, "...we've had people coming over the wall."

Robinson and neighbors said they feared for their safety.

13 Action News immediately started calling the property manager to address this issue.  Soon after, neighbors say solar powered lights popped up across the community.

A property spokesperson tells 13 Action News they have installed 15 new solar powered lights.  Neighbors say they are happy with the change.

"You can see where you're going, so Channel 13 did get it done this time," said Robinson.

Other residents say they believe more lights are needed.  They believe some streets are still not illuminated properly.