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Lee Canyon celebrates International Women's Day

Posted at 4:51 PM, Mar 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-09 10:16:46-04

LEE CANYON (KTNV) — The Lee Canyon resort celebrated International Women’s Day Sunday, holding events and getting girls to shred the slopes.

“I did a bunch of airs with a bunch of great teachers that are helping me today, so that was really fun.”

13-year-old Izzie Brunson has been snowboarding for 4 years and loves shredding the slopes at Lee Canyon. This time she got to do it with a group of women and girls.

“It’s pretty easy. There’s a lot of great women out here to help you out. You’ll be fine if you try it,” she said.

As part of celebrating the event at the resort, female instructors gave complimentary lessons to help skiers and snowboarders of all skills, especially young girls.

“I love any chance I get to get out on the snow with girls. Having a shred day with girls is so much fun,” Amanda Olson, a Lee Canyon snowboarding instructor, said.

According to ski industry reports, 38% of snowboarders were women, and 44% of downhill skiers were women in 2017. The instructors say they believe those numbers will continue growing.

“Every year I get more girls pushing each other and out-riding the boys. It’s been fun and it’s been fun to watch I love to see the youth get out here,” Laura Rammell, a Lee Canyon snowboarding instructor, said.

In getting more girls comfortable with the elements of freestyle as they tackle the course the hope is that it will inspire the courage to try.

“It’s so much fun to get that camaraderie and the girl power because it’s such a male-dominated sport so getting more girls involved in definitely super fun,” Olson said.

Girls like Izzie who says she’ll keep pushing herself on the slopes.

“The excitement and how you can get air and it’s just so fun,” she said.