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Group: Michele Fiore 'unqualified' for Congress

Posted at 7:39 PM, May 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-27 22:40:17-04
Assemblywoman and congressional candidate Michele Fiore is in the cross-hairs once again over comments she made about pointing guns at law enforcement.  
"She's very effective at getting people all riled up about things," said Richard McCann, the Executive Director of the Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers.  
The organization represents approximately 1500 law enforcement professionals in Nevada. McCann said Fiore is "unqualified" for the congressional post she's seeking.  
Fiore's controversial comments were made last month.  The war of words is happening one day before early voting.
"This is all politics, do you actually think it's coincidental that he's attacking me a day before early voting," said Assemblywoman Fiore.
"We know each other, which is probably why this is a little biting," said McCann.
In an April interview, Fiore said she would point a gun at an officer if they were to point one at her.   She said if it's a choice between her life and another life, she's going to choose her own life, even if the other person is an officer.
Immediately after, Fiore walked back those comments.  She told 13 Action News she was only referring to federal Bureau of Land Management agents. 
"The BLM is nothing more than Smokey the Bear with a ... machine gun," said Fiore, "...They've created a war against the rurals, they attack ranchers."
McCann said Fiore does not have the right to distinguish.  
"I'm telling that fan base don't listen to this," said McCann.
McCann released his criticism in a public letter, stating, "Ms. Fiore, we no longer see you as a passionate advocate for your Second Amendment rights." 
The Assemblywoman stressed her support of local law enforcement.  
Additionally, she said McCann's organization mostly endorses Democrats. 
Fiore called McCann a coward for not calling her before releasing the letter. 
"Michele, you're upset with me because I didn't pick up the phone and call you, I think it takes a lot more guts to put something in writing, to have the media scrutinize it, and to boldly stand behind those words as we are," he said.