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Latest CCSD budget reductions result in loss of 563 positions

Posted at 6:00 PM, Jun 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-19 21:20:21-04

The Clark County School District (CCSD) has completed reductions of approximately $68 million from its 2018-19 general operating fund in order to present a balanced budget in accordance with state law. The balanced budget was approved by the Board of School Trustees on May 21, 2018.

However, CCSD continues to hire for some positions opened by retirements and other openings, especially teaching positions.

“CCSD still has almost 800 open teaching positions, and we encourage teachers who are considering moving to Clark County or others interested in entering the teaching profession to join our team,” Long said. “We look forward to welcoming new teachers to continue the recent momentum we have seen in increasing student achievement.”

In order to be transparent with the community and communicate the effects of the latest budget reductions, the District is releasing additional information about how schools decided to accommodate the reductions needed to balance their school strategic budgets with their respective School Organizational Teams


Central Service departments were asked to reduce their 2018-19 budgets by approximately $15.5 million to accommodate increased employee costs in their areas. Schools reduced funding by approximately $47 million because they had the majority of employees whose costs increased. 

School reductions included:

Total amount reduced  by high schools -- Approximately $17.6 million

Total amount reduced by middle schools -- Approximately $10.7 million

Total amount reduced by elementary schools -- Approximately $18.8 million

In general, reductions were made to school supply budgets, site-based programs, licensed personnel positions, administrative positions and support staff positions. Here are the most common reductions:

Number of schools that reduced licensed personnel, including teaching positions -- 260 schools

Number of schools that reduced supply budgets, including funds for anything from textbooks and technology to general supplies -- 218 schools

Number of schools that reduced support staff personnel, including office staff, custodial positions, teaching aides, etc. -- 82 schools

Number of schools that reduced site-based programs, including intervention programs -- 60 schools

Number of schools that reduced administrative personnel, including deans or assistant principals -- 57 schools

Total school-based positions reduced for 2018-19 school year due to recent budget reductions:

Number of licensed positions reduced districtwide -- 400

Number of support staff positions reduced districtwide -- 104

Number of administrative positions reduced districtwide -- 59.5

Total number of positions reduced districtwide -- 563.5

The reductions in positions resulted in a spring surplus process for licensed personnel, support staff and administrative staff. As of today, fewer than five teachers have not yet been reassigned to an open position. Fewer than 20 support staff have not yet been reassigned, and all administrators have been reassigned to an open position. Human Resources will continue to work to place affected employees in open positions that they qualify for.