Las Vegas woman's emotional support dog gets wheelchair thanks to Facebook donor

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - A lot of people depend on their service animals to help take care of them. But one Las Vegas woman said when her dog Luna began having trouble walking, she knew she had to go the extra mile to take care of her. 

Luna is a 10-year-old German Shepherd, emotional support animal and lifesaver. Her owner is Sharlene Branche.

"She has saved my life so many times. Literally gotten me out of bed because of my breathing problems," Sharlene said.

So when she noticed Luna wobbling as she walked, she became worried. 

"She has never whimpered. She has never cried, " Sharlene said. "She has never shown any kind of pain, but it's my turn, our turn for me and my husband to help her."

X-rays found no issues with Luna's bones, spine or hips. Yet the problems with her walk persisted. Sharlene reached out to Urban Underdog Las Vegas, a nonprofit group for help. They shared Luna's story on their Facebook page. Cynthia Miyamoto said the response was overwhelming. 

"So we posted it, and in less than about eight hours somebody had contacted us," Miyamoto said.

Someone donated a brand new doggie wheelchair for Luna to help her get around better. Sharlene is overjoyed. 

"She's going to be able to go on her walks and her runs again. And I can't even thank this person enough!" Sharlene said.

"So when we are fitting her with the harness and putting on her I literally started crying because I was so happy and excited," Miyamoto said after the delivery. 

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