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Las Vegas woman tries to find owner of 'Grandpa's flag'

Posted at 7:49 AM, Sep 06, 2017

A Las Vegas valley woman is hoping the power of social media can help her reunite what appears to be a burial flag with the owner's family.  

Angelica Vogel says she found the flag in a moving box lying on the ground, near Ansan Sister City Park at Buffalo and Alta drives. The moving box was labeled "Grandpa's flag." 

She originally found it two years ago and tried to find the owner's family then, but didn't have any luck. Now, she has posted a picture of the flag on social media, hoping the post can help lead her to the family.  

The dimensions of the flag and its material match what would be used to drape over a casket, traditionally done to bury somebody who served in the armed forces. It was also found in a triangle display case.  

Since the flag could have been used to honor that grandfather's service, Vogel hopes to reunite it with the owner's family. 

"Not only is it the American flag, but it's someone's family member that this was given to, and probably for a very special reason," says Vogel.  

Vogel says the flag doesn't appear to have a serial number, but there are a couple markings on the flag that could help the family to identify it. It says Size 5 on the border, and also has a number written into one of the stars. Vogel hopes the family will know the number to prove it's theirs.