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UPDATE: Las Vegas dog feared stolen returned to family

Posted at 11:43 PM, Jun 22, 2017
UPDATE: The English Bulldog was reunited with his family Friday night after someone dropped him of at a Henderson animal hospital.
Marybel Diaz' boyfriend raced across town to pick Perry up.
Diaz said she is planning to take extra precautions to keep her dog cool when he is outside.
She said she is just happy he is back home with his family.
PREVIOUS STORY: A Las Vegas woman is devastated as she searches for her English Bulldog who she believes was stolen when she left him in the backyard during the recent heat wave.
Marybel Diaz says she loves Perry, and made sure he can get comfortable in several spots in the backyard.
“I saw this picture of Perry and I fell in love with him.  He was just this teddy bear all white big paws looking thing,” Marybel Diaz said.
Diaz has signs up all over her neighborhood in hopes that someone knows where her dog is.
“When I came home my gate was side open,” Diaz said
She’s had Perry since the English Bulldog was 5 weeks old. Diaz says she is confident Perry didn't get out, but was instead taken. She thinks the dog thief took Perry because he was left outside in the backyard Monday while she was at work.
Diaz says he is far from neglected outside, even if at his older age he is moving a little slower.
"He's now 8 years old. He never was a doggie door person,” Diaz said.
Diaz said animal control has come to her home twice to investigate complaints, but left without any problems.
A Clark County Animal Control spokesperson said the department typically sees a spike in calls from concerned neighbors during heat waves like the one hitting Las Vegas this week. They said most of the calls about dogs left outside in dangerous conditions are unfounded.
They said when it comes to pets being left outside there are a number of regulations they consider:


  1.  When the National Weather Service issues a heat advisory, dogs and cats must be provided with supplemental cooling to adequately reduce the temperature to a normal range for the species.
  2. When the outdoor temperature is above eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit, dogs and cats must have enough shade at all times to protect themselves from any direct sunlight that is likely to cause overheating or discomfort.
  3. When the outdoor temperature is below fifty degrees Fahrenheit, dogs and cats must be provided an additional amount of clean bedding or other protection to keep the animal warm.
Diaz thinks a neighbor is trying to teach her a lesson, but took it too far.
"It has been four days and I have not letter, no anything just because someone thinks I'm inadequate,” Diaz said.
She says if someone has a problem, she can show them how she keeps Perry cool outside.They include a custom built dog house, water dishes, sleds turned  into dog pools and even a gazebo with misters.
“When the sun is not here, you can see the hair here. He puts his pillows where he wants them,” Diaz said.
Being an eight-year-old bulldog, Diaz says Perry needs medications.
She’s worried about how he is doing without them and his special treatment he gets from the family.
"I'm his mom, I know what he needs and I have no idea where he is,” Diaz said.
Diaz said she waited until Thursday to report the theft to police hoping someone would bring Perry back. The police report now shows the theft would be a felony.  
Diaz says she is hopeful someone will bring Perry back and is offering a reward.