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Las Vegas woman's home ransacked while sleeping

Posted at 7:03 PM, Apr 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-18 22:09:37-04
A Las Vegas woman is on edge after she says someone burglarized her apartment while she was sleeping inside.
It happened early Sunday morning near Boulder Highway and Twain Avenue.
"It's really upsetting, it's such a violation of my entire life," said Juliann Williams.
Williams can't help but get emotional when she thinks about what could have happened.
"It occurs to me, if I had woken up that I might not be alive to tell this story today. So I just felt so grateful, there is a god and he does love me," said Williams tearing up.
After waking up, Williams said started slowly realizing that doors were open and lights she'd turned off were on inside her apartment. As she walked around she noticed things were missing. Then it hit her just how scary the situation really was.
According to Williams, the burglar stole her and her dead husband's cell phones off her bedside table, just inches from where she was sleeping.
"It was such a violation, you know it was just so invasive and I was just freaked out," said Williams.
She said the burglars also took her computer and her purse. The crook even swiped her keys and stole her car, a white 2001 Subaru Forester. She's also now lost her sense of security and is considering moving.
"I'm thinking that maybe I need to be in a place with more security, you know, I've never been afraid," she said.
Her locks have already been changed, Las Vegas police are investigating and Williams is now considering her next move.
"I really feel like I need more security, if they can come in with a dead bolt what else can happen," she said.