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Las Vegas woman says feral cats are taking over their homes

Posted at 11:00 PM, May 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-17 06:34:27-04

A Las Vegas valley woman says community cats have taken over part of her neighborhood near Sahara and Rancho Drive and she is at a loss on what to do.

Brenda Washington says she realized she may have made a mistake moving into her home three years ago after spending just one day at the house.

"Oh my God, I said I should have investigated more," said Washington.

The cats are all around her home and mating in her backyard.

"They are walking on the fences, walking on the walls, hanging out in the backyard."

Washington says she can hear them screaming, mating, and fighting.

"It's gotten out of control and I am so tired of it, I don't know what else to do."

Washington says the reason there's around 30 cats surrounding her home and nearby homes is because her neighbor feeds them food and milk.

"The lady next door to me actually feeds them, she takes care of them, all of the stray cats in the neighborhood, come to her," said Washington.

13 Action News went next door and saw that to be true. We witnessed about 15 cats hanging out in the yard, on top of a car, on top of trash cans, and eating the food and the milk.

When we asked the homeowner about it, she declined an on-camera interview but did tell us she feels forced to feed the cats. The woman said she and her mom have to feed them or else they will scream all night long and claw at their house.

Washington feels like if they stop feeding, eventually the cats will stop screaming.

The city of Las Vegas says the last time they were out to the home was in December 2016. A trap, neuter, release program was used on many of the community cats. While the program doesn't bring the number of cats down, it does stop them from reproducing.

Washington feels like that wasn't good enough because there's still a few dozen feral cats surrounding the homes.

"The smell that they leave behind, from urinating in front of my door, in my grass, in my front yard, when I walk out my front door, that's all I smell sometimes."

The city says they might check out the problem again if another formal complaint is made but they say it is not illegal to feed feral cats.