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Update: Las Vegas woman reunited with dog after she says Ellie was taken by medical delivery man

Posted at 11:29 PM, Feb 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-28 02:24:06-05

UPDATE FEB. 27: A family is reunited with their dog, Ellie, after she was taken by a medical delivery man. 

Amador Medical LLC worked hard to make the reunion happen after the dog was given away to another owner.

The reunion occurred Tuesday afternoon. Amador Medical LLC provided the family with a $100 gift card as an apology.

ORIGINAL STORY: A Las Vegas family desperately wants their dog back after they say she was taken by a medical delivery man.

Katrina lives near Cimarron and Alexander. She says her dog Ellie got out Feb. 21.

Ellie is a seven-month-old, 10 pound Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix.

Katrina asked her neighbors if they saw anything and one of them witnessed Ellie be taken by a medical delivery man.

"She said, oh she got grabbed by a man in a company truck."

Katrina got the name and number of the company and called them up.

"I said, one of your delivery drivers took my dog at this time and he's like hmmm and he put me on hold and he got back on and he said yes I talked to the delivery driver and he has your dog."

She was told she would get her dog back on  Feb. 22, but that never happened. Instead, Katrina has been given different stories about Ellie's whereabouts.

The latest is that Ellie is with a friend of a wife of an employee.

Katrina and her family are moving on Friday and want this mystery solved before their big move.

"It makes me really anxious to think I'm going to leave here and not have her."

13 Action News spoke with the boss of Amador Medical LLC. He said the whole thing is a mix-up and his employee was trying to do the right thing.

However, he also said his employee was spoken to about picking up dogs while on the clock. The boss tells 13 Action News he is working hard to get Katrina her dog back.