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Las Vegas woman's hotel room key collection bridges gap to history

Posted at 6:03 PM, Feb 05, 2018

A local woman is bridging the gap into history with her collection of 'Old Las Vegas' artifacts.

Beth Stine has dozens of hotel room keys from the days when her father was Nevada's elevator inspector in the 1970s.

He would find items people accidentally dropped into elevator shafts, including the keys, and give them to his daughter.

Stine began collecting them when she was a young girl, and added to it for 20 years.

"At the time, we thought all these hotels would always stay open," Stine said. "[The collection has] big sentimental value. I mean, my dad was the most important person in my life."

Beth would consider donating the collection one day to the Neon Museum, which she says has expressed interest in it.