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Las Vegas woman reunited with dog found in Florida

Posted at 11:33 PM, Dec 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-08 07:41:26-05

It was a reunion, a year and more than two thousand miles in the making.

But after that much time apart, Annette Graziano just couldn't wait to cover the last hundred feet to hug her beloved collie, Amy.

Graziano racing to the side of the plane just moments after the engine's were shut down.

"I can't believe she is home," Graziano said as she hugged her dog.

The mother of two has been holding out hope of finding Amy since they were separated in December of 2016 in Las Vegas.

But she couldn't believe the message she got from a Central Florida animal shelter after Amy was found running around as a stray in Citrus County.

"I thought it wasn't true.  I sent pictures immediately and she said that is the girl we got," Graziano said.

But the mother wasn't sure how she was going to get Amy back to Las  Vegas.

That's where "Wings of Rescue" came to her rescue, flying Amy from Florida to the North Las Vegas airport on the way back from efforts to help reunited pets in the wake of the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico.

"It just made sense to bring this little one back as well," Wings of Rescue chief pilot Damian Cross said.

For Graziano all of the generosity couldn't come at a better time, with mother saying the last year has been an emotionally draining one on her family.

"I had no hope earlier this year.  Lost my way.  Kind of lost my hope in people.  This has definitely restored my faith," Graziano said.  "To have our whole family reunited before Christmas.  Who could ask for more than that."

Before leaving the airport, Graziano had plenty of hugs for everyone involved, and Amy even got involved giving the pilot a few kisses after their cross country trip.