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Las Vegas woman frustrated by nearly week long phone service outage in her area

Posted at 11:30 PM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-21 14:11:22-04

While a lot of us have abandoned our landlines in favor of mobile devices, there are still reasons a lot of people depend on them – especially the elderly.

That's why one Las Vegas woman is frustrated that phone service has been down in her area for days. Anne Cribari says while she is able to use her cell phone to make calls and use the internet; a lot of her neighbors are older and not as tech-savvy.

For almost a week, every time Cribari picked up up her telephone she has heard nothing but dead air.

"I haven't had a dial tone for 5 days," said Cribari.

Anne said she checked the CenturyLink website daily for updates and saw promises that her landline phone service would be restored soon.

"It [said it] will be up by 9 o'clock tonight and then [said] Monday it will be up by 9 o'clock tonight," she said. " Then Tuesday it will be up by 9 o'clock tonight."

Anne said she still had no service on Wednesday. It's made it difficult for the realtor who works out of her home. She's been using her cell phone as a hotspot for internet but said she can't send or receive any faxes.

"For better or for worse my industry still uses faxes quite a bit," she said. "So I have not been able to use my fax machine."

Cribari said this has also been a problem for security guards in her gated neighborhood. They have not been able to reach residents to let them know about visitors or package deliveries.

13 Action News reached out to CenturyLink on her behalf. They told us a fire in the area Sunday caused the outage and service should be restored by Friday.