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Las Vegas voters head to polls for Nevada primary election

Posted at 6:14 PM, Jun 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-14 21:35:05-04
Voters in Las Vegas and across Nevada headed to the polls Tuesday for the primary election.
"I think every vote counts," said North Las Vegas voter Isaac Shaw.
He should know -- he's voted in every election since he was 18. Shaw's now 92. Health care and the job situation are his big issues.
He's also watching the presidential race closely. Shaw just wishes the candidates would be a little better behaved.
"Less of the bickering and focusing on the issues," said Shaw of what he wants to see from the candidates.
This primary election is shaping up to be a big one in Clark County. According to the registrar, early voting numbers where the highest ever seen in a primary election. Some people forgot to vote early, others like heading the the polls and casting their vote in person.
"The voting is right here, we just live right across the street and so it's just easier to come on voting day," said James Masters.
It was smooth sailing at polling places. People were pretty much just checking in and casting their ballots.
"There is no lines, in and out and it's beautiful. I was at the caucuses and it was more like chaos," said Las Vegas voter James Ross.
With votes cast in the primary election, people are now preparing for the general election. Some already know who they are voting for, for others it's still a big question mark.
"When it comes to the presidential vote, I don't like either one of them," said Las Vegas voter Richard Masters. "I'm not a real fan of Donald Trump although I think he's, I can't believe he got the nomination, to be honest with you and Hillary has been down the road and I'm not sure I have a lot of faith in what she's done in the past."