Las Vegas vets warning about potential dog flu outbreak

Veterinarians are worried an outbreak of the dog flu could be coming to Southern Nevada.

If you bring dogs to a dog park, go on a lot of walks with your dog, or travel with your pet, then your animal is at the highest risk of getting sick. The virus is extremely contagious.

"A really bad strain of influenza it's almost impossible not to get exposed to it. We don't live in a glass bubble nor do we want to," said Dr. Christopher Yach, a veterinarian at West Flamingo Animal Hospital.

Dr. Yach hasn't seen a case of flu yet in Las Vegas. He is warning his patients, though. California and Utah have seen outbreaks, plus several cases have just been reported in Reno.

Symptoms include coughing, high fever, and a runny nose.

There is a vaccine. It requires two shots that can cost $17 to $35 each.


The virus can live on surfaces and spread that way. Dogs can be contagious for several weeks.

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